Treasures of a Worshipper (eBook)

Have you ever wondered what is preventing your life, understanding, and relationship with God from transitioning to its greatest potential? Here’s the answer: Underexposure. One of the most valuable, intangible assets an individual can ever be exposed to is the treasure of wisdom. When there is no acquisition of wisdom, anything connected to you remains impoverished. In this power-packed book, James Tyson shares the treasures that have been uncovered to him by his natural father, Bishop C. Shawn Tyson, as well as others, and treasures that have been discovered by him in his personal life. Uniquely, wisdom is not age-biased. It avails itself to anyone who seeks for it. 
Take a journey through Biblical principles, rewarding mountains, life-changing valleys, and pursuits toward destiny with a “wisdom hunter”. In this succinct and powerful book, Tyson encourages you toward a quest for life’s most impactful answers and promising thoughts that can only be unlocked with the key of wisdom.

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